Curso de Materiales para Sensores Químicos 2008 Departamento
de Química
Inorgánica, Analítica
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Workshop on Materials for Chemical Sensors

The workshop on Material for Chemical Sensors was hold at INQUIMAE-DQIAQF, From 25th to 29th August 2008, for the first time. The workshop was coordinated by Drs. Martin Negri, Delia Bernik and Fernando Battaglini (UBA-CONICET) with the participation of three invited lecturers from the European Union: Prof. Luc Nagels (University of Antwerp, Belgium), Prof. Thierry Livache (National Atomic Commission, Grenoble, France) and Prof. Mike Lyons (Trinity College Dublin).

The visit of the invited lecturers was financed by the project MEDIS, a project of the 6th round of the Alfa Programme. ALFA is an external cooperation programme of the European Commission devoted to grant-funding co-operation projects between higher education institutions (HEI's) of the European Union and Latin America.

In this case the course was part of the Alfa II, Programme: AlfaII-0547-FCD Project named MEDIS: Material Engineering for the Design of Intelligent Sensor, integrated by the following members:

  • Prof. Luc Nagels, University of Antwerp (Belgium),

  • Prof. Mike Lyons, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland),

  • Prof. Thierry Livache and Prof. Roberto Calemzuck, University Jacques Fourier, CEA-Grenoble (France)

  • Profs.Mario Politi, Gregoire Demets and Mauricio Baptista, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil),

  • Prof. Carlos Negreira and Ariel Moreno, University of the Republic (Uruguay)

  • Profs Martin Negri, Delia Bernik and Fabio Cukiernik University of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The present project is coordinated by Prof. Mario Politi (University of Sao Paulo, USP) and the academic Co-coordinator is Prof. Mike Lyons (Trinity College Dublin), and is in its last year of execution. Since 2004, the network MEDIS provided financial support for exchanges of Ph.D. students of the involved universities, and for the teaching of postgraduate courses at the involved institutions. A similar workshop was performed at the campus of Ribeirao Pretto of the University of Sao Paulo (USP) a week before, coordinated by Prof. Gregoire Demets (USP).

The workshop at INQUIMAE-DQIAQF was Coordinated by Prof. Fernando Battaglini, Director of the Inorganic, Analytic and Physical Chemistry Department, and had the participation of 33 students, mainly Ph.D.students from national universities of different cities of Argentina (National Universities of Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, La Plata and Litoral) and from national research institutes (INTI, CNEA, INIFTA).

The main topics were:

  • Introduction to gas sensors and to the electronic nose methodology (Dr. Martin Negri)

  • Review of electrochemical methods for electro-analysis (Dr. Fernando Battaglini)

  • Conducting polymers and Self-Assembly for electrochemical sensing (Dr.Mike Lyons)

  • Biosensors: DNA chips and Surface Plasmon Resonance for detection of macromolecules. (Dr.Thierry Limache).

  • Potentiometric methods with applications to HPLC detection of organic molecules (Dr. Luc Nagels)

  • Silica based materials: general properties and applications (Dr. Delia Bernik)

The workshop included PC demonstrations of chemometric methods using experimental e-nose data.

Links to the invited lecturers main research activities are:

Prof. Mike Lyons:

Prof. Thierry Livache:

Prof. Luc Nagels:

The given lectures and the cited publications are available at this site.

We thank INQUIMAE, DQIAQF and the University of Buenos Aires for their support.

Material del Curso:
1 - MARTIN NEGRI: Introducción Sensores : [ZIP]
2 - FERNANDO BATTAGLINI: Introducción Electroquímica : [ZIP]
3 - MIKE LYONS: Polímeros Conductores : [ZIP]
4 - THIERRY LIVACHE: Biosensores : [ZIP]
5 - LUC NAGELS: Potenciometria : [ZIP]
6 - DELIA BERNIK: Materiales basados en silicio : [ZIP]

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